Financial Statements Indications

In a professionally written document, discuss what the financial statement notes tell the user about the topics you choose from the list below. Pick three of the following topics: Equity (common stock, treasury stock, and dividends) Investments (held-to-maturity, available-for-sale, etc.) Revenue Recognition (percentage of competition, installment sales, etc.) Full Disclosure (segment reporting and subsequent events) Pensions and Retirement Plans Leases (capital and operating) For each topic, address the following items in 250-500 words for a total word count of 750-1,500 for all three topics: A discussion of the topic. Include a description and the significance to GAAP. A summary of the financial impact of the topic for your company. Describe how it is reported on the balance sheet and income statement. A summary on the importance for your company to disclose this item to users.

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