Fluid Therapy

Discuss intravenous fluid administration in a feline patient. Your research will include 1. What physical exam parameters you use to assess the hydration status in your patient. You’ll detail the different percentages of dehydration, and the signs you see on examination with each one. 2. The purpose of each phase of fluid therapy for a female feline patient assumes the following: a. The patient isn’t showing any signs of shock. b. The cat weighs 8 lbs, is 10% dehydrated, and doesn’t have any vomiting or diarrhea. Use this information to calculate the fluid rates for each needed phase of fluid therapy for this patient. Be sure to include the formula you’re using, and show each step in the calculation of the fluid rates. 3. How should you monitor the IV fluid therapy in this patient? 4. Why is it important to monitor patients receiving IV fluid therapy?

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