Food Microbiology

Food Microbiology   Instructions:  For this project, you will choose a food or beverage made by microbial metabolism.  There are numerous food products (bread, cheese, yogurt, pickles, chocolate, etc.), drinks, and sauces that utilize metabolic products from a microbe (usually a bacterium or yeast).  You will create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to provide information on the food product, the microbe that makes it, and details on the metabolic strategy utilized to make the product.  Create a presentation that contains the following in the same relative order:        ·       Title page, including your name and the name of your food product ·       A description of your food product, including: o   A picture of the food/drink o   Brief history of the food/drink o   Where is it made/consumed? o   Brief description of how it is made ·       A description of the microbe that makes the product, including: o   A picture of the microbe o   Genus species name written in correct nomenclature o   Type of microbe (bacterium?  Yeast?  Something else?) o   Any other impacts on humans or the environment (this is optional – may not be applicable to your organism) ·       A description of the metabolic process used by MICROBES to make the product, including: o   A picture (diagram) and description of metabolic process (fermentation is very common for food/beverages), including end products (Alcohols?  Acids?) o   A description of metabolic pathways involved (fermentation utilizes glycolysis) o   Be sure and describe the processes/pathway(s) involved!  I will count off if you do not provide a brief description of each ·       Each slide except for the last slide must include In-text citations. The corresponding entries must be included in your reference list on the last slide. APA style. I’ve posted video guides on how to do in-text citations in Bb. At least 3 references are required. Please only use credible sources. I’ve posted a guide on how to select credible sources in Bb for you. Note: When writing descriptions on your slides, try to use your own words and minimize direct quotation to less than 10%. Remember to always include quotation marks when using direct quotation. You can make your own diagram, flow chart or find a suitable one or image from the Internet. If you use an image or diagram from an Internet source, please include a web link to it on the same slide. The entire presentation should be around 6-8 slides, including the title page and references (more than 8 slides is ok).  Be sure and address all the above items for full credit and submit the file in Blackboard dropbox by the due date.  REMEMBER, THE METABOLIC PROCESS SHOULD BE DESCRIBED IN SOME DETAIL!

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