Food Service Operation

Final Project for Food Service Operation/SystemsUsing everything you learn from this class, you will put together a plan for your foodservice operation.You will:Find a location & physical address for a food service operation and, using the internet, find the demographics and competition (identify direct and indirect) for the area. 1-2 pagesBased on demographics, decide on and tell me your theme for your establishment & write a menu to include at least 2 menu items in at least 2 categories.List Purveyors you will be using to procure your product (i.e. Sysco, Martin, etc.) and briefly state the type of product they will provide for your establishment (ie Produce, Dry Goods, Paper Goods, Chemicals)Write a Standardized Recipe for 2 of the menu items.Give a brief summary of your 5 year business projection. 1 pageThis can be in paragraph format and describe short (1 & 3 year) goals as well as long term (5 year) goals.

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