Forms of Communication

I. For the first response, you will need to write an argument for which form of communication is best in each of the following situations – email, ask in class, or office hour. You will need to take what you have learned in this unit and what you experienced in your two assignments to formulate an opinion and defend it. Your post should be between 350 – 450 words. Situation 1: Your professor is in the middle of a lengthy lecture on why the computer programming language Python requires indentation for logic and why style 50 creates poor habits when switching to Python. You are not sure what is meant by dropping brackets, adding a colon, and needing to indent. Should you ask for clarification in class, in an email, or during an office hour? Situation 2: You just got your midterm exam back and you discovered that you missed two questions you are sure are correct and do not understand why you missed the questions. The professor is going over the questions in class and explaining the answers. Should you ask about the two questions you missed in class, in an email, or during an office hour? II. For the second response, you will brainstorm two reasons why you would need to email your instructor (You may NOT use schedule an appointment as a reason) and create a one-sentence purpose statement for each reason. You will need to explain your justification as to why you believe your reasons for emailing your professor are appropriate and email worthy. Be sure to think about and use information learned in the lectures and readings to inform your post. Your post should be between 250 – 350 words. 

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