Foundational Skills

Planning (The analysis will be described in the narrative. The chart and lesson plans will be placed in the appendix.)Create a strengths and weaknesses chart. Analyze two student work samples and data. Include the foundational skills that will address the weaknesses. Use the lesson plan template to create two sequential phonics lessons for a small intervention group. Instruction (These activities will be described in the narrative and pictures or examples of the actual activity will be placed in the appendix.)Select one additional phonics activity or strategy that the students can work on collaboratively using manipulatives. Describe the activity, the benefits or purposes of the activity, and what you will learn about the phonics development of the students by examining their product or by observation. Select one additional activity or strategy that can be done at the small group table with the teacher. Describe the activity, the benefit or purpose of the activity, and what you will learn about their phonics development through interaction with the students. Assessment (The checklist should be placed in the appendix and described in the narrative.)Create a checklist that identifies the foundational skills students in your grade should acquire according to the Common Core State Standards. This checklist will help you, as a teacher, track which students have the skills for your grade and which students do not. Keep in mind, sometimes a 2nd-grade teacher has to help students who are functioning on the first-grade level. Describe how you designed the checklist and how it can be used in your classroom. Also, share why you designed it the way that you did. Vocabulary (This will meet the requirements for Major Assignment #3.)Share 2 vocabulary activities. Explain the benefit of each activity for vocabulary development. Use 3 references in your response (the book and 2 other sources).

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