Foundations of Addictions Counseling

In Chapters 2 and 3 of Foundations of Addictions Counseling Capuzzi and Stauffer (2015) discuss the extent of addictions disorders including substances and processes (gambling, sex, shopping). Capuzzi and Stauffer (2015) discuss the neurobiological and physiological explanations for addictions. At the end of chapters 2 & 3 a list of other resources is provided. In your REFLECTION you will: Describe in detail the addiction process Describe in detail the neuroscience of at least two addiction interventions (12- Step and pharmacology) Choose one case study from Chapter 2 and once case study from Chapter 3 and describe the addictions process in the case study and respond to the questions posted at the end of the case study. For this REFLECTION share your perceptions of how substance use/addictions impact your personal perspective and experiences around the addictions process.

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