Fourth Amendment rights

You work in the administrative office of a correctional facility and handle complaints about violations of prisoners’ rights. A conference on prisoners’ rights is being held in the near future. Your supervisor asks you to study a report on violations of prisoners’ rights and prepare aMicrosoft PowerPoint presentation for the conference. The presentation will lead to a discussion on prisoner complaints and the increasing litigation that correctional facilities have to handle. The discussion will include an analysis of how courts handle cases of violation of prisoners’ rights.In your 10-slide presentation:Identify trends in the most common prisoner issues and the way courts handle them. Focus on the following five issues:Living conditionsPhysical securityFourth Amendment rightsReligious considerationsAccess to a law library, courts, and lawyersDiscuss the Supreme Court decisions on these five issues.Provide a minimum of two innovative solutions (for each issue) to resolve these problems.For more information on prisoners’ rights, visit:

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