Free Will

Due date of the essay: Thursday, August 6th. Late essays will not be accepted. No emailed essays will be accepted. All essays must be submitted with a TurnItIn score of less than 20% (I follow the 80/20 percent rule when it comes to essay writing). There will be a total of 2 links in Modules you can use to hand in the essay: (1) will be a test link to check your TurnItIn score; (2) Will be the final hand in link. All essays MUST be submitted to the Final Hand In Link before 12:45 PM on August 6th. Details of the assignment: For this second essay, you are provided with four different options. You must choose one of these options and construct and essay that answers each of the sub-questions listed in the chosen option. How you answer the questions (the order you choose to answer the questions) is up to you, but you should be sure that in answering these questions you provide a clear and coherent essay. Option 1: Free Will If you choose this option, you must discuss what the notion of free will is and what the notion of determinism is. You must then choose two of the main theories within the compatibilism / non- compatibilism debate – which you should also address – and compare and contrast them. Basic Structure / Grammar Requirements: 1)  Your essay should be no longer than 3 pages total (not including the bibliography page). This is a limited amount of space for any of the topics that I listed above. Thus, get to the point in your writing. Fully explain the idea you are trying to explain, but do not waste space “over” explaining it or with unnecessary repetition of concepts. Your essay should be written in such a way that someone who had not taken the course could follow what you are writing (don’t say, “in class we discussed…”). 2)  You must incorporate into your essay at least 3 reliable outside sources (this is a research assignment – outside means outside of your class notes but it may include the text we are using in class). Do not cite me. Anything that I say in class is to be considered common knowledge. Also, you should note: never use quotes to “make” your argument. Use quotes to justify your position. 3)  You must follow the guidelines for writing an APA paper as listed on: Please follow the Professional Guidelines and NOT the Student Guidelines. You must include a properly formatted bibliography page, in-text citations after all direct quotes, a title, and page headings NOTE: Normally, all papers written using APA style include a cover page and an abstract. I do not want you to include either of these in your paper. Your name, class, and date should appear in the upper left-hand corner of the first page You must include a properly formatted header in APA style on each page as explained on the Owl at Purdue Website. i. Failing to follow these instructions will result in an automatic 10 points off (this time I mean it) 4) You must employ proper grammar in this assignment. Each grammar error will result in .5 points deducted from your essay. Grading Rubric: 1)  Content: Did you adequately answer each of the questions listed under assignment details? (Potential 100 points) 2)  Structure: Did you follow each of the structural requirements listed above? (Possible 10 Points off if these instructions are not followed. Note: By following them you are not automatically awarded 10 points, but they must be followed exactly as I have outlined them – or you will be penalized) 3)  Grammar: .5 Points will be deducted for each grammatical error. 4)  Bibliography: Did you have a properly formatted APA Bibliography page with three sources. (possible 10 points off)

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