Friendship Investments

Writing Assignment: Module 6Introduction:This writing assignment allows you to use readings, videos, classroom discussions, and your own life experience to create enhanced communication practices.  Communication in theory is important, but constructing new practices and policies of communication can help you make real changes for yourself and those around you.The Assignment:Write a response to the following prompt — based on your own experience with the applicable concepts:Think about someone who is a very close or best friend. Consider the investments you and your friend have made in the relationship. Write an essay that explains how you would build and communicate investment, trust, acceptance, and closeness within a new friendship. Are the dynamics of this new friendship you are designing consistent with those identified by researchers as discussed in this chapter? Why or why not?Acceptable Length:This essay should be at least 300-350 words and be made up of clear introduction, body, and conclusion paragraphs.Formatting Requirements:Put your name, course and section number, and assignment title on the cover page. Your response begins on page 2.Use one-inch margins.Use a 12-point Times New Roman font.Use double line spacing in the document.Use APA Citation Style: (opens in a new window) for in-text citations and a References page.Grading Criteria:This paper should be an original response to above mentioned prompt. You will be graded out of one hundred (100) weighted points on the following measures: word count, organization, use of sources, citation of sources, mechanics, introduction contents, body contents, and conclusion contents. Please click the assignment and the option to “View Rubric” for more specifics on how points are to be allocated. You are expected to use concepts and terms from the textbook and module Resources.To Submit:Using Microsoft Word, save the document with a filename that includes the assignment title, your first initial, and last name. Once you have saved a copy of your work, upload it to this submission form the same way you would attach a document to an email.

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