Functions of Religion

After reading the required material (Harris 1990: Pages 395-502) and viewing the documentaries, write a 2-3 pages essay (single space, 12 pt font) discussing two or more of the following topics: Animism. Animatism. Worldview (religious and Secular). Functions of Religion. Types of Religions (Individualistic, Communal, and Ecclesiastical). Link for book:   *You can sign up a free account to borrow a book for free* Link for video: 2020 Faces of Culture: Religion and Magice. Belief System (Worldview). 2020 Introduction to World Regions. Integrative Papers: Integrative Papers are designed to assess students understanding of course material as well as the ability to integrate information from the readings and viewings. Please note that the Readings is 30 years old. Aside from the segment on Biological Evolution, the information is as good as any new textbook while the cost of the book is very inexpensive. Please adhere to the following requirements for the assignments: 1) Use the provided Writing Template without any modification. 2) Write in essay format (Introduction, Body, and Conclusion). Make sure that the Body of your paper follows the sequence of topics stated in the Introduction (Parallel Structure). 3) Provide balanced integration of information from the Readings and Viewings. 4) Do not use any external (additional) sources. Also, do not include tour personal experiences, views, agreement/disagreement, praise/criticism, etc… Focus on the provided Readings and Viewings. These assignments are not research papers. 5) Use the American Anthropological Association Citation (AAA) system for both Works-Cited and Intext citations. AAA  Citation Format: (Links to an external site.) (Links to an external site.) 6) The paper should be 2 pages, single space, and 12 point font. 7) Paraphrase and avoid quotations. 8) Provide very specific examples and avoid vague generalities. Finally, Avoid Plagiarism.

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