Furniture Research Paper

For this new assignment, you can follow the guidelines of our previous “Historical Research Assignment,” but rather than finding a Boulle cabinet or Frank Lloyd Wright dining room set, you should just look around your house, apartment, or wherever you happen to be living at the moment and pick something that you’d like to share with the rest of the class: it can be your favorite chair, the sofa you take your naps on every afternoon, or the lamp you made in your DO class last year. Be creative, and choose something that has meaning for you, and maybe even a nice little story behind it that you’d like to share with everyone. For your submission, you have two choices: (1) you can submit a two-page handout that follows the format of the previous assignment, meaning you should have an image and some text, and fit it all onto two pages when it comes to providing a biography, write something about yourself: perhaps a little bit of background info; what you thought you knew about furniture coming into the class and what you know now; and maybe some reflections on how what you learned in this class might inform your future pursuits as a student. for the object description, write a few paragraphs on what you’ve chosen, where it came from, and what it means to you personally – for the overachievers in class, you might even be able to relate your chosen object to something you saw in one of the class lectures!

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