Gangs, Groups, and Justice

Select two peer-reviewed journal articles. Compare and Contrast the two articles being consistent with APA formatting.  Provide a one-paragraph description of what each article is about (i.e. research questions), what its method of study was (i.e. what data was collected, from whom, and how many), and three key findings (2 paragraphs). provide a paragraph identifying what the articles have in common and a paragraph identifying differences between the articles. This analysis should go deeper than simple comparisons like “one are by author A and the other by author B” and should instead focus on comparing and contrasting the research questions, methods, and findings. (2 paragraphs). assignment should conclude with a one-paragraph (1 paragraph) description of future areas where more knowledge is needed, and how that knowledge might be gained (i.e. directions for future research). each paragraph must consist of approximately 5-7 sentences that introduce and support one main idea. Focus on the compare and contrast part, and make sure you are comprehensive and detailed in that analysis. Use examples from the readings to support your analysis.

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