Gangster Film Review

? Students are required to complete a film review on a Gangster film (List on MYLS). The review should be between 1250-2000 words, which is about three to four pages (single-spaced). In the review, you are required to provide:• Introduction:o Provide basic information about the film. The name, year of film, director, and screenwriter(s). The plot summary and the major characters should be introduced. (This should be about 2 to 3 paragraphs in length).• Analysis: o (1) Identify, describe two themes within the film. A theme is an underlying meaning or main idea that is presented either directly or indirectly. o (2) Identify how the themes identified enhance or contribute to your understanding/knowledge of organized crime. o This section should be approximately three pages in length• Conclusion/Evaluation o The closing of your review should provide the reader with your general thoughts or impressions of the film. You should state what liked or disliked about the film. For example, would you recommend this film to other viewers? This should only be one paragraph in length.? The review should be single-spaced with no subtitles.

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