Gaseous Chemistry

1. A barometer reads 1.45 atm.  Calculate the corresponding pressure in torr, mmHg, and kilopascals.  2.  A gas occupies a volume of 5.35 L at 0.490 atm.  At what pressure will the volume be 4.86 L?  3. A 5.75 L container of oxygen gas at 57oC is heated to 95oC.  Assuming that the volume of the container can vary, what will be the new volume of the gas? 4. A gas with a mass of 45 g occupies 3.0 L at 35oC and 2.50 atm pressure. What is the molar mass (g/mol) of the gas?  5. A 0.435 g sample of a gas occupies 55.0 mL at standard temperature and 45.6 mmHg.  Determine the molar mass  (g/mol) of the gas.

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