Gatorade Marketing Strategy

Gatorade has built itself to be the sports drink over the span of its history. Through endorsements of generational athletes such as Michael Jordan to creating the “gatorade dunk”, which celebrates championship victories by dumping Gatorade on the head coach, the brand has created a dominant foothold in the sports drink market. However, in a new health conscious age, both ordinary people and the scientific community are turning their backs of sugary drinks, and the market for sports drinks is facing a turning point. Some efforts have been made to adapt and slow the trend, but the brand may very well need a new meaning in this new age. How will Gatorade’s brand and company respond to a shrinking marketplace and shifting public opinion? RESOURCES – Primary Article:  (Links to an external site.) Secondary Article:,%2C%20with%20a%2016.1%25%20share.

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