1. Discuss what you think of GDP and how it has been developed and is utilized.2. Look closely at three alternative indexes and evaluate them (pick from Genuine Progress Indicator, Green GDP, Gross National Happiness, Human Development Index, Happy Planet Index, Living Planet Index, ISEW, Quality of Life index, Satisfaction With Life Index or other alternative indexes). Discuss what you think of the criteria they have chosen, the metrics they use, what they suggest is important, and the results they come up with.3. If you were to develop your own index, what measures would you include? Discuss specifically what criteria you would bring to bear, how you would evaluate and measure, why you have chosen these measures and not others, what weights you would give to particular metrics, and what kinds of results you might expect to get. Finally discuss what some of the development repercussions might be if your index was employed. This should take up approx 40% of the paper and should be as detailed as possible. Please connect it to class literature and discussions wherever possible. 

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