Gender Inequality This link is an editorial you have to evaluate this editorial on the basis of functionalism theory, conflict theory and symbolic interactionalism theory also, at last, we need a critical assessment. SOC2000 – Individual Research Paper This project has 1 deliverable An individual written research paper regarding one of the editorial newspaper articles (the editorials listed on Brightspace – pick one). 20% of your final grade. Critique the editorial from a scientific, sociological point of view. Some of the requirements Each Paper MUST BE BASED ON EVIDENCE!! I do not want opinion pieces from you. For each statement you make that is not common knowledge, please provide an APA embedded citation within the text plus an APA reference in the Reference section. Must be 100% original work (with allowances for a few sourced quotes). Use of a minimum of 5 outside academic sources… Academic sources include research articles in academic journals (i.e. periodicals) and books written by academics. Yes, your textbook would count as 1 academic source. Wikipedia sources and other online sources are not permitted unless they are online versions of sources that I mentioned in point #4 above. Online versions of such sources (point #4 directly above) are permitted. Your best sources will come from and the library’s online ONESEARCH tool ( Must be in your own words with allowances for a couple of short quotes. Recommended Steps Choose an editorial (Due: Week 2) You can choose any editorial you want. If you choose the same editorial as someone else that is fine. Just do not share your papers with each other as that can lead to plagiarism and a grade of zero if any of your work is the same. Write Your Individual Paper (Due: Week 10, beginning of class in Turnitin on Brightspace. Start Week 1 by looking at the editorials and choosing one.) You will find the Turnitin link on Brightspace to post your paper under Activities ? Assignments in Microsoft Word format. The exact specifications are found throughout this document. No extensions under any circumstances. This was assigned Week 1. For more information on this check:

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