Gender Issues in Modern America

Write a detailed argument in which you respond to the following question: “Are gender issues still a problem in modern America?” I am very flexible about this topic.  As long as you explore something to do with gender and it is (or you can make it) controversial–that is, it is debatable–then it should be acceptable. But check with me in any case! So here are some of the topics some of my past students have settled on. They are not offered as suggestions, and indeed not all of these ended up yielding good essays necessarily, and some are even a bit redundant. Note: you would not necessarily have to focus on only one of these as the focus of your essay.  Indeed, your essay could be built around a few of these as examples. The Me-Too Movement Does a “rape culture” really exist? The “gender gap” between men’s and women’s wages Gender discrimination in the workplace Gender discrimination in professions Gender discrimination in higher education Maternity/Paternity leave Gay rights Sexual harassment Pregnancy discrimination Transgender discrimination/rights Same-sex discrimination Gender discrimination in the military Gender discrimination in politics Gender discrimination in families Double standards in sex/sexuality Gender discrimination in organized religion Gender discrimination in Hollywood/movies Gender discrimination among children/teens Fathers’ rights Men’s rights

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