Gender Study Reflective Journal

Word Count: 650 words (excluding referencing Reflective Journal. Looking at a different aspect from diverse cultural and institutional contexts, students are asked to critically respond to the topics provided to reflect on their learning. Being a critical reflection, the exact format of the piece is not tightly prescribed, allowing room for personal expression. Nevertheless, the work should be easy to read, coherent, logical, well expressed, have your opinion, argument or point of view and balance personal thoughts with analysis of the material in each module. Articles and source for reflective journal: – Three academic, peer-reviewed sources (Check provided attachments) and, – One online material (Check link below). Criteria 1. Demonstrated critical understanding of the material covered. 2. Ability to critically reflect on their understanding of the key messages from the sources covered. 3. Effective linking of arguments to them academic resources. 4. Clear and concise expression. 5. Correct use of APA referencing style

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