Genesis 22

Genesis 22 exegesis/interpretation assignment before tonight’s class. You are to read through Gen 22 slowly on your own (out loud if possible). The second time that you read the text slowly, try emphasizing certain words to bring out the nuances of the text. You can also begin to read the course introduction and The Jewish Study Bible as you read through the text. The third time that you read the text, try to recall the previous narratives with Abram/Abraham and God to consider what we know of them in the wider context to provide further insight for the Gen 22 text. You can see and hear the instructions in the Gen 12-50 videos for more details.Please write what is essentially a rough draft of your exegesis/interpretation of Gen 22. The paper can be between 500 – 1000 words, but the word count is not the primary concern. The point is to allow the text to draw you in and write your own insights regarding the text and include the secondary resources and the details and insights that they bring to your attention to nuance and enhance your understanding of the text.

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