Genetic Change

1. Watch the following video about filming the mating rituals of 39 species of birds of paradise in New Guinea and part of Australia (28:06 minutes). Use the information provided on this video to explain that genetic change in a population over time is not only caused by natural selection, genetic drift, or gene flow but that it may also occur as a result of nonrandom mating forces, as it has been determined by scientists when they observe the species variation in the birds of paradise.3. Your work must include:a. Cover page with your name, class, and lab dayb. Introduction (1 pt)c. Thesis statement must include how sexual selection in birds of paradise is observed in 3 ways: color-flashers displays, by changing shape, and by plain beauty. (1 pt)d. Body:i. Clear, detailed, and specific facts and descriptions to support the thesis statement. (5 pts)ii. At least, 2 examples of interesting information that significantly caught your attention: i.e. the filming process, the time it took to capture all those shots, etc. (2 pts)e. Closing statement. (1 pt)f. Double-spaced, 3 pages long and the cover page (total of 4 pages)4. Due: Ask your instructor

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