Genetics and Molecular Biology

Write an article on Genetics and Molecular Biology. It needs to be at least 1500 words. This shall be performed using an agarose gel. The introductory section of the report shall entail a description of the objectives and aim of this experiment, followed by a discussion that shall be supported by literature from secondary sources as well as recommendations.The issue of contaminated food products has been a major subject of discussion not only in the United Kingdom but also in other parts of the world. Such claims are usually raised by consumers towards the food suppliers. this may paint a negative picture towards the food suppliers or even producers. As such the application of scientific methods to provide proof to clients that the food products supplied are of high quality is usually considered a pertinent strategy in order to redeem consumers ‘faith towards their products.In the year 2013, various food supply companies in the United Kingdom were involved in scandals involving the contamination of beef products with horse meat (Lawley, 2013). In this regard, various meat products from the different food supply in the United Kingdom were exposed to investigation to determine whether or not the meat products contained certain percentages of horse meet. To begin with, Findus, a major beef product supplier was exposed to the test. On the other hand, Tesco, the Co-Operatives as well as the Aldi, companies that suppler meat burgers prepared by Rangeland, were also subjected to the tests in order to verify the quality of their burger products (Lawley, 2013).Some meat processing plants were also raided by quality assurance supervisors, these Companies were inclusive of Farm Box Meat Company, Peter Boddy Slaughterhouse, among others. Some beef product supply companies made assertions that they would not work with Companies that have been identified to offer meet products of poor quality, specifically those that have been contaminated with foreign meat materials, specifically horse meat and those that contained undeclared pork products (New Service Update, 2013).

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