Geologic Hazards in Washington State

A Summary of the Geologic Hazards in Washington State  A Word document (minimum 1400 words) and should include, at the minimum, information about all of the following topics:     – historical earthquakes and earthquake hazards in Washington state    – historical tsunami and tsunami hazards in Washington state    – historical volcanic activity and volcanic hazards in Washington state    – historical floods and flood hazards in Washington state    – historical avalanches/landslides and avalanches/landslide hazards in Washington state  For each of the above topics, be sure to include information such as:     – significant historical events or disasters, with relevant data such as economic damage or fatalities     – areas of current and future risk     – current steps being taken to mitigate these hazards, including costs and examples     Feel free to include all information you feel is pertinent and relevant.     You must have a minimum of 8 references for this project.   For Word documents, you should include a minimum of 6 relevant figures or maps.  All figures or maps must include a caption.  As the figures may be of varying sizes, the Word document should have a minimum of 1400 words. For more information on this check:

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