Geologic History of the PNW

Being a critical thinking assignment means you need to synthesize information about the Pacific Northwest (PNW) you encountered this course into a geologic history essay organized by a relative age sequence of events and processes. Critical thinking also means it is not a research paper. Certainly you may do research but if you include details of events, processes, or item beyond the scope of the course, they will not contribute to your grade on the assignment. This paper needs to be written in the style of the Assignment – Geologic History Essay you completed in Module 3. Two key aspects of the paper are: 1) the relative age sequence of events and processes that have occurred in the PNW to form western Washington, and 2) the geographical and temporal scope of each event and process. The scope of events and processes should include all the things you encountered in the modules throughout the entire course (see list below).   Module 2:          Assignment – Earthquakes in the PNW Module 3:          Topic – Geologic Time                              Assignment – Geologic History Essay Module 5:          Topic – Glaciers & Ice Age                              Topic – Climate Change Module 6:          Topic – Mountain Building in the PNW                              Topic – Climate and Ocean Basins

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