Geological Disaster

Directions: Find three Internet or written or television accounts of ONE recent or historical geological disaster (e.g. deadly tsunami, killer earthquake, destructive volcanic eruption, devastating landslide, terrible flooding event, etc.) and write about it.  Please note:  A hurricane or tornado is not a “geological” disaster Paper should be typed, double-spaced with one-inch margins and no smaller than 12-point font. Things that should be included in the paper are:  ·       Introduction ·       Description of geographic location of the disaster including maps, etc. (Note: maps and other figures should be labeled as Figure 1, Figure 2, etc, with titles and should be referenced in the text just above the Figure) ·       Details of destruction (i.e. lives lost, property destruction, etc.) ·       Geologic setting for disaster (e.g. tectonic setting) ·       The specific causes of the disaster ·       Expectations of something similar happening in the area in the future ·       Speculation about how, using the science of geology, destruction could have been avoided or could be avoided in the future (e.g. relocation of town, installation of monitoring equipment, etc.) ·       References page using APA citation guidelines – see website for examples - I chose the torrential rain in South Korea, which consequently caused landslides and floodings in the country.  This are some of the articles I’d like you to use: Also please provide book references.

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