Get Out

Watch the movie Get Out. Consider the use of blue-and-white porcelain (whether it is made in Jingdezhen or not) and think about its use in the movie. Questions to consider How was the Willow Ware patterned/designed porcelain used in the movie? Describe the scene, the impact of the set object on the movie, and the overall theme of the hierarchy of race, consciousness, and bodies of humans of different colors in the movie. How are the material and visual qualities of the set prop helpful or not helpful? In what way is the history of Willow Ware pattern (as a construction of the “Other”) useful for the movie? Is it effective?   Attach images or screenshots to explain your analysis and reflection. Include timestamp.  2-2.5 pages (approx. 700 words). Grading Evaluation Criteria: Proofread Has a title, page numbers, typed, double-spaced 12 pt. Times New Roman font. Describes the material, surface design, and three-dimensional quality and the impact of porcelain as an object and physical thing in the movie’s scenes. Consults attached readings.  Works Cited or References List. Includes timestamp and screenshots of where in the movie the “porcelain” objects are used

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