Global Issue

Assignment Overview Students will write a well-developed research paper on the contemporary global issue that they have identified for the Annotated Bibliography and Source Integration Paper. The paper should be a work of critical analysis, meaning that it should formulate an original and compelling argument about the subject matter and should support that argument with relevant evidence and sound reasoning.  The central argument of the paper should correspond clearly to one of the five argument types described in Chapters 8-12 of the textbook.             Students will be expected to use material from the Source Integration Paper, but that material should be significantly revised and reworked in order to contribute to the development of the argument within the research paper.   Assignment Outcomes ·       Identify and explain a specific global issue that is relevant and compelling for a specific audience of academic readers. ·       Develop a well-constructed thesis statement that responds to the issue and corresponds to one of the five argument types described in Chapters 8-12 of the textbook. ·       Organized a sustained argument that is sensitive to expectations of the academic audience for the paper. ·       Use multiple types of evidence/support in developing the paper’s argument. ·       Use library databases to find appropriate source material. ·       Distinguish between academic and non-academic sources and use different types of sources in appropriate ways. ·       Integrate source references, including direct quotations, using signal phrases (attributive tags) and parenthetical in-text citations (APA format). ·       Synthesize source references from more than one source. ·       Significantly revise material from previous work on the issue (Source Integration Paper) ·       Construct a properly formatted works cited page using APA guidelines.   Requirements Length: 1,800-2,000 words. Format: Follow APA guidelines. Source Usage: Six sources, at least four of them academic, peer reviewed.  The paper must demonstrate effective summary, paraphrase, and quotation using signal phrases and parenthetical citations for attribution.  The paper must include a properly formatted works cited page with two full bibliographical citations. Submission: Submit through Turnitin

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