Global Warming

Global warming is an issue that has been a major concern in scientific communities around the world. You have been provided with articles that explains the specific concerns associated with increasing temperatures. Articles discuss causes, effects, and some solutions that are being implemented. They are not enough. We need to take individual responsibilities and increase awareness among others. We must find solutions for that can minimize and eliminate any human made increase of global temperature. Please read the articles. Conduct your own research online. Based on your understanding, write a comprehensive essay about ONE STRATEGY/SOLUTION ONLY that you think that should be implemented that can minimize global warming. Include the followings: 1. Background of the solution/strategy that you think/claim to be most effective. 2. Any scientific data that supports your claim. Include the references. 3. If there are any flaws you find and any improvements that can be made. 4. Come up with your own implementational strategy and solution which you think may best serve the cause. 5. Predict how your strategy will improve environmental conditions. Feel free to introduce a title that best suits your essay. Word count: 1000 – 1200 Word count does not include any figures, figure descriptions or references.

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