Global Warming

ENGL 1302 Proposal AssignmentWrite a proposal argument of 1500 to 1800 words based on the issue that you addressed the cause(s) or the effects of in your Causal Argument. Follow the principles in Chapter 12 of the Lunsford text, and study the characteristics of a proposal on p. 276.Purpose:To write a proposal essay (annotated bibliography, rough draft, and final draft) that convinces others to take action or approve a planAudience: For this assignment, you will write for a professional and scholarly audience including professors, college students, businessmen and businesswomen, and other researchers of your topic.Sources: You must use at least 6 sources, (only three of which may be sources that you used in your casual argument) and you must accurately give credit for the information you use from those sources. Review Chapters 16-21 in Lunsford as needed. Use only scholarly, credible sources from individuals or organizations with verifiable expertise on the topic.Library Databases: Every writer should spend time researching his or her topic in the library databases, which are likely to yield the best sources. To access the library databases while off-campus, the user name is RCC5268, and the password is TX77511. (Use capital letters.)Format: Prepare your essay in MLA style, which is covered in Chapter 21.

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