Globalization and Business

Write 12 pages thesis on the topic of globalization and business it. al., 2008). Information technology (IT) and the globalization of business have made the global supply chain very efficient and contributed to large profits in the business. Both IT and globalization are aspects of modernization and growth. IT sector is one of the most booming sectors and globalization focuses on the overall development of a country, market, sector, and industry among others. FedEx, as a company, strongly believes in globalization and therefore manages to provide its services globally. The company operates a large range of branded companies which come under the main brand FedEx, and all these companies serve logistics services. With the incorporation of IT, FedEx has been able to leverage superior globalized service by entailing technologically upgraded features in its global operations such as wireless technology and shipping along with tracking systems (Network World Fusion, 2002. Cisco Systems, 1999. Butcher &amp. et. al., 2008). Title IT and globalization’s contribution to business for improving the supply chain cycle in a global scale: An illustration of FedEx Research Question For completing the proposed research, it is required to find out the contributions that are made by IT and globalization in business and the process through which IT and globalization has made the overall supply chain cycle more effective and contributed to greater profits in the business of FedEx.

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