Globalization and Food Supply

After reading the García-Dorado article and this articles compose a numbered response that addresses the three points below.  1)    Summarize the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis had on food supply and agri-food systems as described in your group-specific readings. Please include the nutrition and health implications. (3-4 sentences) 2)    Describe the role of globalization on these impacts using the conceptual framework presented by García-Dorado (Fig 1) as a foundation. (2-3 sentences) 3)    Provide a brief reflection on how policy actions could mitigate the negative impacts you have described above.  (2-5 sentences)  4)    The articles you reviewed were from the start of the pandemic. Find a more recent article on the current state of the situation in the region you focused on and describe the current state of the situation. (2-3 sentences)

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