Globalization and its Benefits

Consider an organization you work for, have worked for or would like to work for.  Then, identify a country in which they do business or might do business outside of the United States. You also may select a company in contemporary business news that conducts business globally. (the company I work for is Mcdonalds) Discuss the key differences in cultural variables between the United States and the country that are important when conducting business in the selected country. What are the implications of these differences in the practice of business? Consider the political, economic, legal, educational, and social systems of the selected country. Include a response to the following questions in your discussion writing at least one paragraph for each bullet point: Describe globalization and its benefits to business operations. What kind of management orientation style would you use to be most effective given the cultural attributes of the country (choose one other than the United States)? How would you overcome the anticipated barriers to communication? Provide specific examples.

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