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1. Statement of need/problem to be addressed. Provide specific information about the extent and degree of the problem. This should include agency/organization data as well local, state and national data on the need /problem. This is where the use of census data (U.S., Florida and county) as well as organizational reports can be helpful. In addition, there should be some explanation, using journal article literature, that notes how the problem/need may have been addressed previously. For example, are there pilot projects that have been tested; or, evaluations of innovative programs/interventions. The purpose of this review of literature is to provide a justification for the particular project/program for which you are requesting funding. ******* The problem I chose was “High rate of HIV/AIDS in the LGBTQ community living in The Key West. My project/program I’m requesting funds for is to provide aid education to selected groups of the LGBTQ community.

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