Great Depression

Complete the question below and submit your word document to Turnitin.  You are allowed to use your textbook and reader – BUT make sure that you document ALL of the information used from those sources. Basic Directions: Minimum of 800 words and no maximum word length  – but make sure that you answer the question asked. The essay must be typed in double-spaced in Time New Roman font Essay must be double-spaced. Document the sources you use with by MLA or APA format – listing a work cited page or putting quotes around sentences is NOT enough documentation. You can only use a maximum of 3 direct quotes throughout your essay – these quotes can only be 2 sentences in length. Question: Explain the causes of the Great Depression and describe how the New Deal programs helped or hurt economic recovery for the country and individual Americans.  Provide 4 specific examples of the causes of the Great Depression and 4 specific New Deal programs that sought to solve these causes.  You can use programs from either the first or second New Deal in your essay. For more information read this:

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