Great Famine

The mid-1840s the Irish potato crop was struck by the potato blight, a plant disease that wiped out the crop. Famine ensued in Ireland, hard times were felt in England, and a general economic recession followed on the Continent, which would spark the Revolutions of 1848. In many ways, the Great Famine was the result of centuries-long English policies in Ireland that had resulted in an impoverished peasantry wholly dependent upon one food crop, the potato. The British government barely intervened, leaving the Irish to their fate and to what private charity could provide, which was precious little. Millions perished and millions more emigrated to England and the United States. This selection is an eyewitness account of conditions in Ireland in 1847. 1. Read the attached document and answer the following questions: a. Characterize the conditions described in this document. b. Why do you think the writer concentrated his report on children? 2. 150 word minimum Grading Policy: Discussion posts are graded within one week of the due date posted. Discussion Posts must be submitted in the proper format (see instructions above). For each post, students are expected to craft a well-written entry that fulfills the assignment requirements. Discussion posts allow the student to explore an aspect of history that is of interest to them and share that topic with the class. As such, information provided must be from credible resources (see instructions). Student Learning Outcome Analyze and interpret primary and secondary sources (Critical Thinking; Communication Skills; Personal Responsibility; Social Responsibility). SLO2

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