Group Dynamics

3 PAGES OF CONTENT + 1 PAGE REFERENCE PAGE. Use the 12 Angry Men film and the “12 Angry Men questions to guide your paper” in the content section to write this paper.

For this assignment, please view “Twelve Angry Men,” (the original or remade version), and be prepared to write an analysis of the group dynamics in this film. Address the roles of the individuals in the group, note any coalitions and sub-groups, and observe how these things change as the group develops. You may comment on what would be different in a jury today and how the group process might be different. Your discussion must not be a retelling of the movie but an analysis of the group process. PLEASE USE THE CONCEPTS THAT YOU HAVE LEARNED IN THE COURSE THIS SEMESTER AND APPLY THEM TO THE JURY. This paper should be 5 pages in length, times new roman 12 pt font, APA format. Cover pages and reference pages count as pages. Please use the questions in the content section to guide your paper but please note your paper should not only be answering those questions.

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