Gun Control

Requirements: Title page  Must contain your name, instructor’s name, an original title for the document, date, and course number. Five (5) pages of text The body of the paper should be at least five (5) pages long and no longer than eight (8) pages long There must be a clear introduction paragraph and a concluding paragraph In total, the minimum number of pages that should be turned in is seven (7) Bibliography/works cited page Paper must have at least five (5) independent sources  While it is not mandatory to cite all sources within the text of the paper, general sources must be cited properly on a bibliography/works cited page You must cite directly quoted material or material that is taken verbatim from a specific source in the text NO Plagiarism: If plagiarism is confirmed, then a failing grade of “0” shall be earned for the paper*not fulfilling one or any of the above requirements will result in points deducted from your overall score Extra points for creativity/novelty/attendance may be added to the final at instructor’s discretion. For more information on Gun Control check on this:

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