Gusto Restaurant

Executive summary, Introduction / problem / aims and objectives of the report 10% Include a SWOT analysis    good solid summary and intro. the macro env. analysis was an added bonus, which leads to the SWOT analysis. This section is way to long, and will divert attention from the rest of the paper ============ ============ Technology in marketing 10%    so you do not really follow the instructions given to you by the module leader, so either there are a lot of added parts or missing ones. I am assuming that this paragraph is the one labeled technology,  which is a bit too brief ================ STP strategy- With reference to academic sources 20%    This is also way too brief, and not referenced? ============= Marketing Mix- With reference to academic sources 20%    you did not really follow what was required, you had to discuss each element of the marketing mix, explain it, reference it then relate it to your business, with recommendations. ============= Conclusion 5%  brief but ok conclusion   =============== ========= Overall recommendations 5%  your recommendations are way too brief, and relate to porters 5 forces, which 1- weren’t required 2- not even detailed. ================ General presentation 5%  You could’ve integrated pictures for their social media? menu? restaurant?

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