Harrison View of the Concept of Power

Write a 2000 word paper answering; To exercise power in society, control must be exercised over the things valued by people.Power can be viewed from various dimensions. The first dimension is that power is a unique form of influence on individuals. The influence on individuals is meant to produce intended results. The individuals who can produce intended results in society by use of any means can be said to be highly influential. On the other hand, the individuals capable of producing intended effects by the use of real or threatened rewards and punishment can be said to be powerful (Harrison 2010, p.4).The second viewpoint is that power lies in various resources found within society. The exercise of power in society assumes many forms, which either depend on the providing or holding back of many different values in society. As individuals get material wealth, the more they are motivated to pursue power within society. The basis of power in society is on most occasions interdependent. This means that individuals who possess and control certain valued resources in society may control other resources. Within the society, some valued resources such as economic power, wealth, prestige, political influence, recognition, education and respect are tied to one another (Harrison 2010, p.4).Power is also viewed as unequally distributed in society. Therefore, it can be said that power is absent in societies where individuals hold equal powers. For power to be exercised in society, those who hold power must control certain values. Control means that individuals holding power in society should provide values as rewards to individuals or threaten to withdraw those values from other individuals. Power in society is viewed as a relationship among individuals, groups and institutions within society.&nbsp.

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