Health Care Finance

Part II:  Organizational Classifications Chapters 1 and 2 provide some introductory concepts about the importance of health care finance. As you know, health care organizations can be classified into ONE of three categories: proprietary (profit-oriented; pays taxes)voluntary (non-profit; do not pay taxes)government-owned Identify one health care organization from your state (NEW YORK) that fall into EACH of these three categories. Be sure to (1) Name the organization, (2) Determine the organization’s category, and (3) Explain how you determined or where you found this information.  Just to clarify…Your post should include the names of three organizations — one from each of the three categories.CAUTION: Do not use (Links to an external site.) as your information source.  It is outdated! If you use a data source other than a primary data source, it’s important to confirm your findings with the organization’s website. For more information read this:

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