Health Informatics

In a table format, summarize a bulleted description of the CAHIIM domain competency elements forF9. INTERPROFESSIONAL COLLABORATIVE PRACTICE and as they relate to the role of a health informatician.List 3 skills, required for the domain. Provide examples (see the attached readings and appendixes / and add more resources !) and how each can be demonstrated, applied or practiced as a health informatician for this domain. Explain why each skill is important.Include a list of your skills and examples (bullets) that demonstrate the competencies. Note any missing skills/gaps that you may have as well for the domain. Use applicable experiences/examples if you don’t have health care specific examples. This exercise will help you to document applicable skills for a resume and identify areas of need. From your research, including a list of search terms. Use in-text citations and include a list of references (APA format).Readings:

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