Health Issues in the United States

Discuss one of the following health issues that is (or will be) a problem for health in the United States.
Include 1. background information, 2. risk factors, 3. budget impact, 4. compliance, 5. economic and 6. community impact. Make sure and give the heading for each of the above listed requirements.
Choices include; Plan B birth control, over the counter COVID-19, Narcan, Zika virus, mandatory immunizations for school age children, mandatory HPV vaccinations for high school students, legalization of marijuana, making smoking illegal nationally, raising the drinking or driving age to 21, health insurance consequences of being over weight, smoking, or non compliance with prescription drugs. Rationing of health benefits (no organ transplant, hip replacement, or other aggressive therapy to older adults or patients who are non compliant with treatment plan – wt control, smoking cessation, prescriptions).
Remember you must respond to one other post.
If you want to discuss a topic not on this list, you MUST get it approved by the instructor.

Common mistakes:

Need to expand on your post – give backup from references on why you answered the way you did. Even if the questions seems to require a yes or no answer, make sure and expand and explain why you have that answer.

Need to expand on response to classmates

In text citations from APA format and references

Response to at least one classmates

Site your sources in APA format.

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