Health Policy Analysis

Wk8 Discussion 2: Global Health Indicators A health indicator is a quantifiable measure officials can use to describe the health of a population. There are a number of indicators used by WHO and other organizations including life expectancy, mortality and morbidity, communicable disease rates and chronic conditions. There are others and you are free to select any one that is of interest to you. • Compare and contrast the incidence and prevalence (please note that both are required) of one global health indicator in one developing country (i.e. Vietnam not Asia) to one developed country (i.e. the United States). Please do not select Europe, with 50 different countries or Africa, with 61 countries. Select one country and compare it to another country. • Describe the factors influencing the indicator chosen in each country. • Determine if there is a policy or policies in the developed country that identifies and addresses the global health indicator you identified. • Discuss the relationship between the global health indicator you selected and nursing practice in general and/or your own nursing role.

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