Healthcare Finance

 Assignment 10Answer each question with one paragraph.Open: The CMS Dashboard found  here. Or use the website attached here,path,dockTop,dockLeft,footerNavigate to Georgia, 2018 and select Total per capita costs.1 What two total costs are above the national average? why do you think that is? What kind of data would you need to understand where these increased costs are being allocated?2 What total cost is below the national average for Georgia? why do you think that is and how would you determine a data analysis to prove cost containment efforts?3 Under Information, what is the meaning to: “Standardized costs were not re-scaled to be equal to actual costs for the study population.”4 Navigate through the dashboard and find a metric that grabs your attention. It could be at the state level or at the national level.  Tell me why the metric is important to capture and present.  what kind of data would be needed to support the metric.

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