This week you continue your work on the Healthy Care Community (HCC) HIT system upgrade project. You have been tasked with drafting the installation plan for the HCC Medication Synchronization portion of the project. The installation plan for this portion of the project will create a model for the installation phases of the other recommended HIT system components of your HCC HIT upgrade plan.Part 1 – HIT Architecture and Pharmacy Medication Synchronization DiagramsRevise your proposed HCC HIT Architecture Diagram from your Week Two Healthy Care Community Security and Privacy Plan individual assignment with instructor feedback (coming soon).Create a separate Microsoft® Visio® system diagram of the Pharmacy Medication Synchronization component. Use one of the cloud-based Pharmacy medication synchronization solutions you recommended in the Week Three Supporting Activity: Healthy Care Community Medication Synchronization Vendor Recommendation.Include the following in your diagram:The HIT system components with the new pharmacy system interfaceSecurity requirements and standards for the new pharmacy systemHardware and software elements required for the new pharmacy system Part 2 – HIT Installation PlanDevelop a 3- to 4-page Healthy Care Community HIT Installation Plan, in Microsoft® Word, specific to the medication synchronization cloud-based solution you selected in Part 1 of this assignment. The plan should explain what your solution is, how you arrived at your recommendation, and how you plan to implement it.Include the following elements in your plan:The medication synchronization-related business requirements considered and addressedThe minimum hardware operating requirements that the vendor must adhere toTwo vendors you considered for this projectYour final vendor recommendation and rationaleThe list of hardware components that will be required for this solution and whether they will be installed onsite or within the vendor’s environmentA high-level task list and schedule for implementing the cloud-based medication synchronization solution, including:Review and confirmation of vendor specs to business requirementsHardware and software installation order and dependenciesPerformance testingUser testingEstimated go-live dateALL REFERENCE DOCS WILL BE INCLUDED ONCE CONFIRMED***

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