Heart Disease in Adults

Referring to the available Determinant of Health Models, create and draw your own model of the different areas and factors that impact topic of interest for your population. You will then write a paragraph description specifying how these different areas impact the specific population you are looking at. Be specific. For example, rather than “occupational health risks”, provide specific risks for this population in your model with the paragraphs giving descriptions of these risks and the group. Be creative and think about how the different areas may intersect in your descriptions and analyses. For Model: Visual aid is well prepared, informative, effective, and not distracting. Determinant of Health at the individual level identified. DOH at the social level identified. DOH at the policy level identified.  For Paragraph: Description and justification of the population selected and the health out come of interest A description of the social determinants of health and how they specifically impact your population, and how they are related to your specific health outcome

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