Helping Families Understand Standardized Testing

For your assignment, you will create a brochure for families about the standardized assessments that you use to ensure their child is growing and developing at the appropriate rate. You may use Microsoft Word to create your brochure. Your brochure should be based on the standardized tests that are used with the age (infants/toddlers, preschoolers, school-aged) of children you plan to work with.Your brochure must contain sections with the following guidelines:Choose two of the standardized assessments that are shared in Chapter 3 of your course text,¬†Assessment in Early Childhood Education, which are used with your chosen age group (School-aged Children). For these two standardized tests, compare and contrast the following:Explain how the assessment is scored. This includes clearly defining whether each assessment is norm-referenced or criterion-referenced.Describe what each test measures. Make sure to connect this back to developmental domains.Explain the role that reliability and validity play in each of these assessments.Explain what the two standardized testsdo not measure and how you will measure these skillsDiscuss how you will report the results to familiesProvide at least three tips for families about how they can communicate with you about concerns/questions about standardized testing.Include at least three standardized testing resources families can use if they want to learn more about standardizedtesting. Include a one- to two-sentence description of each resource.Utilize at least three images that are related to standardized testing throughout your brochure to enhance the visual appeal.NOTE: Chapter 3.1 has been attached below. I chose “School-aged Children. You may scroll to the section that lists the School-aged children standardized tests.¬†

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