High Health Care Costs

The policy paper is a policy analysis document with a  length of  15-18  pages.  It  should  have  the  following  parts:  Executive  Summary, Introduction, Discussion and Analysis, Conclusion and Recommendations. The executive summary is a 1-2 pages brief statement of the problem. The executive summary gives the Policy Problem  statement  and key  points  in  its  historical  background.  The  executive  summary  also describes the wider political, socio and economic context of the policy issue. In the executive summary we have to persuade our readers why the specific policy problem matters and what are the undesired social  consequences. Executive  summary  essentially  focuses on  the  urgency  and  importance of the policy issue presented.   The introductory part mainly addresses the historical background of the problem, its evolution, and the description of policy remedies in place, if any. The introduction may include factual data, conclusion of field experts and research results from credible sources. In the introductory part the methodology of the  analysis  should  be  introduced  as  well if  the  policy  analysis  is  performed  primarily  for  academic settings. The introduction should not exceed the maximum length of 5 pages. The discussion and analysis part includes the analysis of possible policy interventions and instruments. Here is the place where possible trajectories of development are analyzed and compared to the situation of maintaining the status-quo. The pros and cons of each policy alternative are discussed and analyzed. For comparison aims, tables might be utilized. In the discussion and analysis, criteria of comparison are to specified (such as costs and benefits, administrative and technical feasibility, political desirability, effectiveness, and equity).New criteria of comparison might be suggested as well, depending on the policy field and given context. The application of graphs, other visual techniques, and numerical data might even strengthen more the arguments and discussion. /6-8 pages/. In the conclusion and recommendations part, the problem should reach its remedy. A certain course of action should be recommended and justified. Ethical, political, social and economic considerations are to prove the desirability of the chosen policy action and instruments over the others.I n this part, as was  in the  introduction,  the  discussion  of  a chosen policy  alternative  should  include  a  wider socio-economic context, taking into account long-term societal consequences and making even stronger the arguments and policy advocacy efforts. /3-4 pages/

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