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Hello!   Attached is a copy of my paper that I worked on thus far.  I included this so that you have an understanding of my paper.  I only have five more pages to go 🙂   Below is an outline of my paper and I also included sources in the Word doc. attached. to make it more helpful. Please make sure that when you cite the sources that you list the page number.  For example, Smith (2014, pg. 25) concludes that the presence of international students on campus add cross-cultural understanding. This will help me when I go back through to edit. THANK YOU! SECTION ONE – Benefits of Internationalization – ONE PAGE TOTAL Explain how internationalizing higher education can be beneficial in the following ways: 1. Increases students cross-cultural understanding 2. Helps international students to improve their standard of living 3. Internationalizing higher education can build diplomatic relationships with other countries 4. Prepares U.S. students to be global citizens SECTION TWO – Financial Benefits of Internationalization – TWO and HALF PAGES TOTAL (2.5) Explain how internationalizing higher education can be financially beneficial in the following ways: 1. U.S. colleges receive revenue from enrolling international students into their institutions 2. International students contribute to jobs in the United States 3. Internationalization can support research which has financial incentives 4. Discuss how partnership with overseas university can be positive 5. Explain what international branch campuses are and how they financially benefit colleges/universities in the U.S. SECTION THREE – Challenges to Internationalization – ONE and HALF PAGES TOTAL (1.5) Explain how the following ideas make it difficult for institutions to internationalize in the following ways: 1. Faulty do not want to engage in international research and collaborations 2. The immigration system in the U.S. makes it difficult for international students to get visas 3. There are issues with international accreditation 4. Any other challenges that you find 🙂

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